All On Four / All On Six Implant Treatments

Worried about decaying or misplaced teeth? Modern dental solutions offer solace to any complex dental problem!

The “All on Four” implant therapy replaces missing or decaying teeth by either fastening dentures supported by four dental implants or replacing lost or decayed teeth.

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All on 4 Dental Implants in Turkey: The Procedure

Four implants are placed in the jawbone wherever there is more bone density to support a fixed prosthesis employed in the procedure. The four implants help a prosthesis that replaces all of the upper, lower, or both jaws’ worth of teeth. They are performed as an “implant in one day” or otherwise by the next day. The back implants are angled between 30 and 45 degrees in the teeth’s gums, while the front implants are placed straight.

The jaw bone often becomes impaired after tooth loss, necessitating a bone grafting operation to rebuild the jaw bone. The all-on-four implant procedure takes the front portion of both jaws’ strength and bone density into account to secure the implants firmly. Two of the four implants are positioned in an inclination to prevent further cavities from forming around the lower and upper jaw.

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All on Four / All on Six Implant Treatment Synopsis

All on 4 Dental Implants in Turkey
The Procedure

All on 4 Implant: Insights
  • A permanent dental solution to restore misplaced or decaying teeth

  • 6 implants are fixed that help in teeth restoration

  • No damage to the bone tissue during the treatment

  • Requires only one surgery for all the 6 implants

The “All on Four” implant therapy replaces missing or decaying teeth by either fastening dentures supported by four dental implants or replacing lost or decayed teeth.

Advantages of The Treatment

The “all-on-six implant treatment” involves placing four or six dental implants in individuals who completely miss their teeth. They are positioned at specific angles on the same day, after which the dental prosthesis is fixed. There is no play in the set teeth unless our patients ask for it or unless our doctors don’t remove it. Our patients who cannot wear prostheses due to significant bone loss receive treatment using this technique. Implants can be put to use on the same day.

An X-ray bone assessment is done before treatment planning to identify potential issues that may arise throughout the treatment. Planning for the treatment process takes height and bone thickness into account. During this process, cutting-edge technology systems are employed.

All-on-6 dental implants provide a stable and permanent way to rebuild a complete set of teeth, whereas conventional removable dentures can successfully replace a missing or lost tooth. As a result, patients may again eat and speak with confidence, improving their quality of life and giving them a renewed sense of ownership over their teeth.

For International Patients: Preparing for Dental Implants While You Travel

Choosing dental treatments outside your country can be intimidating for some of you, especially if you are a first-timer for dental procedures. Here are some facts to prep you:

Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

The cost of all on four / all on six implant treatments varies depending on many factors, such as which place in Turkey you choose, experienced dental surgeons, and the materials used. The cost of all-on-four implants in Turkey depends on the procedure but it’s quite affordable compared to other European countries. Also, the implant materials such as ceramic or zirconium will cost more than conventional metal types.

How Long Will You Need to Stay in Turkey to Receive Dental Implants?

You may complete the procedure in one or two travels to Turkey to receive a dental implant. If you prefer two trips, the first one will last five days. The first procedure on this trip will be the dental implant surgery to place the implant. You must spend ten days in Turkey and return three months following your dental procedure (after the recuperation period). Post recovery, you may need two trips for plant maintenance or follow-up.

Dental Implants with Long Lasting Results

Do you need assistance with your dental trip to Turkey? Due to cutting-edge technology during dental procedures, DoğuDent guarantees excellent outcomes and high patient satisfaction. The most recent technical developments and advanced equipment are included in dental operations to provide high-accuracy treatments at affordable prices. The clinic explicitly pays attention to patients from other countries because it is recognized as a facility that adheres to high hygiene standards by Turkey’s Ministry of Health. With a staff of professionals in each department, services are offered in all areas of dentistry.

People who travel from other countries in quest of any dental procedure or corrective treatment will receive specialized services from our clinic, which offers medical tourism services also in Turkey. Our expert doctors advise diet suggestions and medications post-surgery to the patients. The primary services offered to patients from other countries go beyond merely providing dental care; they also include assistance with booking travel arrangements, lodging, and airport-hotel transfers. DoğuDent support staff will help you realize your needs and support you from planning to the end of your treatment and returning to your place of residence to coordinate your vacation plans and medical treatments.

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DoğuDent offers the following key services to help you with your dental tourism plans:

  • Treatment Plan Preparation
  • Flight Arrangements
  • Accommodation
  • Airport - Hotel Transport
  • Treatment Plan Preparation
  • Airport - Hotel Transport
  • Flight Arrangements
  • Accommodation

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